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   My name is Tomasz Krawczak, I have been interested in photography since collage. I have shot a wide variety of subjects from weddings, senior and family portraits to MMA sport events. Few years ago I started training at a boxing gym, and that lead to my latest photographic focus: combat sport photography. Although nature photography remains my first love.

   I like to call my photography style "surreal documentary". Having spent the last 20 years of my life in journalism, my photographic style is heavily journalistic. With a touch of post processing, which creates images that not only document an event, but also convey the emotional feel of that particular moment in time.

   I am based in Rhode Island, and have done work mostly in RI, Eastern Massachusetts, Eastern Connecticut and New Hampshire. Although I have traveled on occasion to exciting places, and I always bring a camera with me.

   Since photography is a part time thing for me (at the moment), my availability is somewhat limited. But if you have a project in mind that you would like me involved in, shoot me an email or call. We can work something out.

I can also be reached through Facebook 

And on Flickr. As well as Instagram under TAKFOTO.

   I love photography for many reasons, it's relaxing, gets me out side and into situations I would normally not find myself in, I get to meet interesting people. But most of all, the journalist in me enjoys freezing and immortalizing those fleeting moments.

Marc Ribound said it best "Photography is savoring life at 1/100th of a second"

   My equipment is mostly digital Canon cameras, with some Tamron glass. I have had success using some unconventional pieces of gear, that are not usually associated with high quality photography. There have been times when people ask me what I used to get a particular frame, and they are very surprised at the answer.

I get especially excited when chasing a shot takes me into a place or a situation that an average person would not go into. I guess that is the journalist in me. Chasing the story.

   Thank you for looking at my page. Please contact me if you would like to hire me. Or, if you see anything in my galleries that you would like to have a print of, or use for publication.

Tomasz Krawczak

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